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This web site is an educational resource specifically focused on sun protection issues in America. It discusses the sun and UV, the types of damage that can result from too much UV exposure, and the combination of tactics that provide maximum sun protection. It also includes a glossary and links to other resources.

During the past decades doctors have become increasingly aware of the increase in skin cancer in the United States and that all people need to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation (UV). The harm caused by UV includes premature aging (such as wrinkling and age spots), skin cancer, and permanent, sometimes blinding, damage to eyes. Other medical conditions, such as lupus, can be made much worse by UV exposure. In addition, many people take drugs, such as antibiotics, antidepressants, diuretics and retinoids, that make them extremely sun sensitive. Doctors everywhere agree that education is critical to stopping the epidemic of sun related diseases - especially skin cancer.

Many government agencies, foundations and individuals are working to provide helpful sun protection information and programs. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Weather Service provide a daily UV Index, along with recommended methods to protect against ultraviolet radiation. The Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatology have created classroom materials for schools that advocate student use of sun protection clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats. Organizations such as the Melanoma International Foundation and the Billy Foundation work relentlessly to change the perception that tans are attractive, to regulate tanning booths more effectively, and to introduce sun safety into schools and into the workplace.

These efforts should be commended as the health problems caused by overexposure to the sun will continue to escalate over the coming years. A coordinated, well funded, long-term effort, supported at multiple levels of government, is needed to raise awareness of the problem, to bring education programs to schools, to the workplace, and to the community at large, and to provide the broad range of resources and support needed for long-term success.


Sun Protection

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